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Dr. David Alvarez was evaluating a patient that worked on the computer 8+ hours/day as a CPA. She has used the traditional mouse pad and keyboard gel pads, however this did not relieve her wrist pain. This patient had exquisite pain at the pisiform prominence where a large wrist flexor tendon inserts. Dr. Alvarez thought if we could “offload” her area of tenderness and pain this could allow it to heal and she could continue to perform her work duties as needed. He referred this patient to me, Sharon Rosenberg CHT for an “offloading wrist brace” to use during work activity. I researched the market for something that would work, and found there to be nothing available. Instead, I fabricated a neoprene wrist wrap with a donut insert used out of heel lift material. This worked!!! With in a few weeks of wearing the brace at work, the patient reported significantly decreased pain. Come to find out, we had more uses for this donut design and decided to patent the brace and put it on the market. Currently, our brace is being referred by multiple hand surgeons to conservatively treat Pisotriquetral OA-instability, FCU tendonitis, and more!

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