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What is the FormFloat Brace?

Your only conservative solution for volar-ulnar wrist pain

The only brace on the market with a mobile donut to offload a painful prominence on volar wrist/hand i.e. trigger finger nodule, Dupuytren’s nodule, pisiform prominence, volar ganglion, and more!

 How does it work?

The donut design is used to “Offload” the painful prominence, therefore allowing the area to heal. The wrist wrap provides DRUJ stability in both designs where the glove design offers MPJ padding for joint protection. This brace is useful for any activities where you would need to grip or rest your hand on a surface for work or athletics. Such as large handled equipment for work activity, resting ulnar wrist on a desk for mouse/keyboard/writing utensil use, gripping sports equipment such as racquet, golf club, or bat.

When to wear FormFloat brace?

If your condition is constant pain that is arthritic and slow onset in nature, it is recommended to wear at all times during the day and (if comfortable) at night for 2-3 weeks and then wean from splint except to use during activities that cause pain i.e. gripping until pain is resolved.  

If your condition is only occupation based, then you would use the brace for activities that cause pain i.e. gripping racquet, golf club, resting on desk for computer work etc.

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